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Simply MA.DE Gel Polish System Step By Step Application Tutorial

[heading size=””]Simply MA.DE Gel Polish System[/heading]

Step By Step Application Tutorial

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Simply MA.DE’s Premium Quality Professional Gel Polish System is one of the Top Gel Polish Systems you can find today in the Market!

Our Professional Gel Polishes are suitable not only for application on artificial nails but also on natural nails.

This UV/LED and CCFL/LED curing Gel Polish System is amazingly Durable and Long Lasting (4-6 Weeks), suitable for application on natural nails, and guaranteed to provide the full Simply MA.DE Premium Quality experience that everybody will envy.

[heading size=”3″]Features:[/heading]

  • Lasts 4 – 6+ weeks
  • Cures in UV, UV/LED or CCFL/LED
  • Does Not Harm Natural Nail
  • Long Lasting Shine
  • Professional Premium Quality Gel Polish
  • EU Product

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[heading size=”2″]Using Simply MA.DE Gel Polish Colors With Gel Polish Base & Top Coat[/heading]

[heading size=”3″]Usage Instructions:[/heading]

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